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Terms And Conditions Of Business

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  1. Cash 4 Clothes Ediltex purchase clothes, paired shoes, bags, soft toys, belts, perfumes, jewellery, bedding, curtains, duvets, pillows, rugs, plastic toys and brick-a –brac (just to let you know, not every of our shops accept these items, for more details please check on our web site) only from a customer (“you”) that is at least 18 years of age.
  2. Cash 4 Clothes Ediltex don’t buy items listed below:
    • Socks;
    • Tights;
    • Bras;
    • Underwear;
    • School/work uniforms;
    • Books;
    • DVD/CD;
    • Plastic, metal, wood;
    • Or any of listed items (clause 1) if they do not meet our quality standards.
  3. The items that we buy must meet the following quality standards, namely they must be:
    • Every day clothes (we don’t accept work/school uniforms, aprons, Asian clothes;
    • Clean;
    • Dry;
    • Undamaged;
    • Not stained or soiled in any way;
    • Not ripped;
    • Not completely worn;
    • And in addition, must not be smelly or covered in pet hair.
  4. Cash 4 Clothes Ediltex provides two ways for you (customer) to sell your unwanted clothes:
  5. • The first option — you (customer) can bring your items to any of our shops during our opening hours (please check the opening hours on our website);
    • The second option — you (customer) can book a collection to your home by phone or email (please check the contact details on our website).

  6. To arrange a collection we require the postcode, time and full address. For example-NP44 3JU, 6 Oldbury Road, between 11-3PM, Monday
  7. In case if you (customer) prefer to bring and sell your items in our shop, we will ask you to sign on receipt (write your name and surname )
  8. All our customers has right to receive a copy of receipt slip.
  9. All our customers has a right to refuse sell they items.
  10. Us a customer you must to ensure that all items that you sell are bagged and they meet the quality standards described in cause 3.
  11. You agree that our decision on witch of the items that you sell us do or do not meet criteria (cause 1, 3) for acceptance will be final.
  12. Cash 4 Clothes Ediltex staff(including our driver) receive the right to refuse any unsuitable items.
  13. We do not take responsibility for the bags left outside irrespective of whether you are or are not at place.
  14. Your bags do not need to weigh 10 kg exactly. The weight of all the bags will be totalled and you will be paid accordingly
  15. Cash 4 clothes Ediltex use only inspected and approved business scales.
  16. Please check your weights and cash paid out on the spot. We will not accept any claims after you or driver (in case of collection) has left.
  17. Cash 4 Clothes Ediltex pay cash only.
  18. You are free to spend the funds raised from collection whichever way you like. There is no obligation to donate a part or all of it to reliable charitable organizations.