Find A Cash 4 Clothes Service Near Me In The South West Of England And South Wales

Take a peek into your wardrobe and once the dust has settled, the bats have flown out and you part the conglomeration of spiders’ webs, you’ll see clothes you’ve not worn in years. These clothes can go to a great cause by getting cash for them with our team at Ediltex.

As a cash 4 clothes service near you, we can help you turn those unwanted clothes into money for you. By providing this service across the South West of England and South wales, we allow our customers to save money for their favourite charities, raise funds for a school trip, pay for a new piece of school equipment and many other things.

We help poorer countries in Europe and the rest of the world by sending worn clothes, shoes, accessories and other miscellaneous clothing items they can afford. These clothes would otherwise be sent to the UK’s vast landfill sites where they are of no use to anyone.

Our cash 4 clothes service works by collecting your large or small amounts of clothes or allowing you to bring them to our range of depots in South West England and South Wales. We’re passionate about providing a service for you that gets you money quickly and gives us the best chance of making a difference in the world.

If you want to help raise funds for charities and schools or get some money back yourself by giving over your clothes for cash in the UK, then our team at Ediltex are perfect team to call upon. You can trust us that once you’ve given us your clothes, we will pay you the exact amount you’re owed in cash, on the day.

To find out more about our service and our commitments in the clothing and textile sector, speak to our team today.