How To Recycle Clothing With Ediltex

There are many ways to recycle the things that we use every day, such as: cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, books and glass. We either reuse them in the home or we have them recycled for us or we take them to a recycling depot.

However, what about our clothes? We wear them every day, and our wardrobe is constantly changing to befit the latest trends and our own style. That brings us to the question our team at Ediltex want to answer: how to recycle clothing in South Wales?

If you live in South Wales or the South West of England, then you’ll be able to take advantage of our outstanding cash for clothes service. It’s easy to recycle your clothes with our depots dotted around South Wales and South West England. Simply bring your clothes in bags and we will weigh them on our scales. With the weight of your clothing, shoes, belts, handbags, jewellery, bedding, towels and books, we will convert that into instant cash for you to take away.

It’s easy to recycle your clothes with our service at Ediltex. We understand that clothes outgrow your children, dresses may never be worn, and suits can become too tight; all of this takes up room. Our service works to free up space in your cupboards and wardrobes – and give you cash for it!

To find out more about our cash for clothes service and where your nearest shop is, speak to our team today