Recycle Your Old Clothes in Ebbw Vale

In a family home there are certain things that can be guaranteed: tears, tantrums and bundles of unused clothes. Although we can’t help with the first two, we can provide you with the ultimate service to rid your home of clothes that you no longer use.

Whether they’re clothes that are too small and need replacing or you want to streamline your wardrobe, did you know you could earn cash from your clothes? At Ediltex, we provide a method for you to recycle your old clothes in Ebbw Vale and leave with cash in your pocket. Quick, efficient and a helpful, our service is the ideal way to make use of your excess clothing.

Simply bag up your clothing, shoes, belts, handbags, jewellery, bedding, plastic toys, books and more to start the process. Once you’ve got yourself all the old clothes you want to recycle, come and visit our friendly team at our Ebbw Vale shop. You can recycle your old clothes with us in Ebbw Vale effortlessly and walk away with money to give to charity, raise funds for a school project or towards a variety of good causes.

Transforming your bags of unused clothing into cash is simple with our recycling service in Ebbw Vale. To discuss more about what you can and can’t bring to us, why not ask us a question about it today?