Donate to charity or sell old clothes?

  1. Sell old clothes

We all have items in a closet that we no longer use it or wear for several reasons: we change jobs, we change sizes or maybe we just change our minds. And there are two options – we can donate them to charity or sell old clothes and get cash for them.

Maybe giving them to charity is more noble action, however lecturer from King’s College Dr. Andrew Brooks in his article “The hidden trade in our second-hand clothes given to charity” states, that more likely they are sold in the UK.

Torn garments are reused and utilized again as things like protection materials, and ruined articles of clothing wind up in landfill or burned. Some go to high road philanthropy shops, however gauges demonstrate just 10-30% are sold in the UK. Most gave garments are traded abroad. A huge 351m kilograms of garments (identical to 2.9bn T-shirts) are exchanged every year from Britain alone. The main five destinations are Poland, Ghana, Pakistan, Ukraine and Benin.

Internationally the wholesale utilized dress exchange is esteemed at more than £2.8bn. In spite of the fact that it is more feasible to continue wearing old garments, defenders contend that trading second-hand garments as far and wide as possible decreases waste.

It is really a typical misguided judgment that associations, for example, Oxfam and the Salvation Army circulate second-hand garments unreservedly in the creating scene. To be reasonable to the significant foundations, they don’t claim to give your old pants and T-shirts away free of charge, yet it is not promptly obvious that gave garments will be sold to brokers who will then retail them