Turn old wardrobe stuff into new clothes

How can you turn old wardrobe stuff into new clothes? If you have a wardrobe filled with stuff that’s just catching dust, just read on and find out how you can turn them into cash and new clothes (which are kind of the same thing, since extra money is meant for shopping, no?).

The spring is coming and there is a risk to get the spring cleaning itch. Then you will want to check the expiration date on every spice bottle in your kitchen. Then you will want to sort through your books and arrange them by thickness and height. Then you will want to open your windows and use Q-tip to get all the gunk that collects in the sill’s white plastic track. But most of all, you will want to go over your closet with a fine-tooth comb in search of things you don’t wear.

Do not hesitate and turn old wardrobe stuff into new clothes

For example, beautiful, designer shoes you paid way too much for but never took out of the box, a vintage fringe-trimmed cowboy jacket you bought on impulse but you are seriously not cool enough to pull off, the awesome pants ever that simply don’t fit—let no rogue item will be spared your mercy. The more pieces you part with, the better your chance of making tons of money for new clothes—clothes you’ll actually use—on one of our cash for clothes shops. And it won’t even cut into the rest of your spring cleaning time: each our shop makes the process super-easy for people who don’t have room in their schedules to set up a full-on eBay or Etsy. All you have to do is to pack your unwanted clothes, paired shoes, bags and etc. and bring your stuff to our nearest shop or book a collection, get cash instantly and buy new ones!